Programming Schedule

Happy Thursday, dear readers! I hope it finds you well.For my part, I've been thinking about what I want to do with this blog, and I think its primary purpose for me is to share my writing. I haven't completely ruled out trying to find an agent and get things published traditionally, but I am … Continue reading Programming Schedule


Setting Out

Happy Thursday, dear readers! I hope you're safe and warm wherever today finds you. It's quite cold here, by Texas standards, so I'm hunkered down and trying to stay cozy.This makes now an excellent time to be setting out on my year-long blanket project. This year, I've actually got two in the planner--one official and … Continue reading Setting Out

Year of…

Howdy, dear readers! How have you been? Well, I hope. We're a few weeks into 2022 and while that magical switch to a new year doesn't necessarily change anything, it always feels like it could, doesn't it? There's that sense of potential and starting over with a blank page. Some years, it's easy to grab … Continue reading Year of…