June Updates

Hey, there readers! How are you? I hope life is treating you well and if not, I hope you are finding joy where you can. It’s been a weird roller coaster of a month, y’all, but I’m definitely finding and making my own joy where I can. I’ve got some happy things to share if you’re up for it. So, let’s get into it, yeah?

I’ve got a new story posting on Thursdays! Chapter three of Blackbird Flies will go up this week. I hope those of you who have been reading along are enjoying so far. If you haven’t started yet, now’s still a good time to jump in!

Ember of the Dragons is proceeding swimmingly! I am ten chapters and 28,982 words in as of this morning. That’s about a third of the way through the story. This has been a really fun challenge so far, I have to say. For my initial draft, I am sticking with the pacing of the original story of Tarzan. While that is kind of helpful because I don’t, strictly speaking, ever get stuck trying to figure out what happens next, it does present its own unique creative hurdles. Because while I know more or less what needs to happen next when it comes to story beats, the how that is going to happen is what I need to figure out, because this is a vastly different world than that Burroughs wrote, and Ember is very different from Tarzan. The dragons are not the apes, so Ember is coming up with their own challenges as they explore what it means to be a human raised by dragons. But, like I said, it’s been fun trying to figure it out. I am definitely learning a lot about myself as a writer, and about writing in general. For example, I tend to be pretty dialogue-heavy, and that is generally the easiest part for me to write. But…I mean. Dragons don’t talk. Or, at least, I had made the decision early on that these dragons don’t. Also, Ember is alone a lot, and only just figuring out how to think in words. So…not a lot of dialogue y’all. Keeping things interesting, that’s for sure!

I’ve also been working on the beginnings of a one-shot for a Dragon Age RPG session I’m running for friends next month. Haven’t written any campaigns in a few years so I’m enjoying getting back into that.

This month I’ve made three gnomes, one hat, and done the June sections of my year-long blankets. I’ve had a few days here and there where I’ve just really not felt it, but for the most part, I seem to be avoiding my usual summer knitting lull.

The first two gnomes were my June Year of Gnomes entry. This month’s pattern is Gno Fun Like Gnome Fun (Ravelry link). The pattern is written for three different gnome sizes, all very quick to knit and kind of small (even in worsted!). I had actually forgotten how small these were, so I decided to just knit two in the largest size, Gnoah. Decided for June to make a pair of Pride gnomes, and I’m super happy with how they came out! I haven’t been able to put them on the shelf with the rest of the YoG donsy, and instead they’ve been hanging out on my desk.

I need to do a photo shoot with all of the gnomes so far, since we’re at the mid-year mark. Hopefully I can get that done before my next check-in and have fun pics for y’all!

Next up is Gnedward of Grimblewood (Ravelry link)! Sarah Schira did a collaboration with Jimmy Beans Wool to put together a couple of exclusive gnome and accessory patterns for them, and they did a kit subscription for the series. It sold out super fast, but I was lucky to get in right after it was announced and subscribe. Gnedward was the first entry in the subscription and he is just adorable! Like Gnoah and Gnoelle, he’s just been hanging out on my desk. I also tried a new technique I’d seen on the gnome forums, where I knit a bit of extra i-cord where hands go and tied it in a knot before attaching to make it look like he’s clasping his hands together. I love it! (The patterns are exclusive to JBW right now but will revert back to Sarah next year and she’ll be able to sell them individually for those who missed out on the kit, FYI.)

Next up, I knit a super cute hat! Leading Men Fiber Arts is hosting a summer knit along for the Short Stack Hat and Short Stack Mitts (Ravelry links). Part of the knit along is that at least one of the yarns used must be from LMFA to qualify, so I decided to go digging in my stash, because I’ve been squirreling away their lovely yarns for a bit. Found enough for the whole hat, and was a little nervous about my colors working until I started knitting it up. I am so delighted with how it turned out! The knit along runs through July 31, and the mitts are getting cast on today.

Lastly, because I am traveling this week, I wanted to make sure I got caught up on my June Staycation Blanket (Ravelry link) sections, and I did! Purple all the way this month, I guess. I am really enjoying seeing how these blankets are shaping up. Doing the same pattern in different yarns and colors has been a lot of fun! Plus, at the end of the year, I’ve got two awesome new blankets to snuggle up under. Win. (My daughter can’t steal both of them, right? Right?)

To wrap up, I have been making decent progress in my run through of Dragon Age: Origins. I’ve finished two of the three treaty quests and am now slogging my way through Orzammar. (Look, unless you choose the dwarf origin, Orzammar is the worst. This is objective truth.) I have so many other games staring at me that I want to play, but I am going to be good and finish Dragon Age first, dang it. I might, just for the newness of it (to me at least), even try to recruit Loghain on this go around. We’ll see. Alistair’s my favorite and I hate upsetting him…

Well, folks, you’re pretty caught up on how I’m keeping myself busy these days. I hope you’re finding similarly enjoyable pursuits and having the best summer you can. Take care of yourselves, please! See you next month!

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