August Updates

Hello there, dear readers! Welcome to your monthly installment of “What has Cori been up to?”

August has been a lot–largely back to school and birthday shenanigans (for several people), but I’ve been keeping up with my (personal) high-priority projects for the most part.

On the writing front, Ember is still chugging along. As of today, I’m on chapter twenty-two out of twenty-eight and sitting at 66,161 words. Ember is about to learn how to speak to other humans and one of the side characters I’ve most been looking forward to has turned up, so I anticipate this next bit of writing to be a fun chunk. If all goes well, knock on wood, I am hoping to have the first/rough draft finished by the end of September. Wish me luck!

Knitting this month was mostly gnomes. No surprise there, I’m sure! This month’s pattern was Nice to Gnome You (Ravelry link). This pattern holds a very dear place in my heart because it is the first gnome I ever knit. My white rabbit, if you will, that I followed to the Wonderland that is gnome knitting. I had my worsted weight entry to make, of course, but this was also one of the patterns my daughter requested her own gnome in. I forewent the marling and spiral on the hat for mine, but my daughter wanted hers according to the original pattern. I think they both came out just lovely. In addition, this was the pattern I had picked for the holiday gnomes to represent myself and my husband in our decorative gnome family I’ve had planned. [My daughter’s was made earlier this year, using the pattern Oh, Gnome, You Didn’t (Ravelry link).] So now that’s one piece of holiday knitting crossed off the list!

In gnome-adjacent knitting, August’s Grimblewood kit from Jimmy Beans Wool was a lovely little toadstool (Ravelry link) that knit up pretty quickly and looks very nice with the two gnomes from the collection so far.

Then, last but not least, I was able to get both of my year-long blanket projects done for August this past weekend! I really am enjoying seeing how differently the same pattern works up just by changing the yarns and colors.

On the gaming front, I’ve been sticking with Animal Crossing. I haven’t really had the wherewithal to play anything else but I’ve been enjoying that one so much. In addition to the vacation home DLC, I’ve also begun planning a complete renovation of my player’s island. I also need to redo all of the rooms in Corios’ house. I had planned for those two projects to be a reward to myself after finishing the writing of Ember, but I just started getting too many ideas. So I’m moving forward with that now, if slowly. Very much looking forward to being able to really dig into that in the next month or so.

But that’s pretty much it, y’all. I hope August has been kind to you, and if not, I hope September is looking better. Take care and I’ll see you on Thursday with the next chapter of Blackbird Flies!

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