September Updates

Howdy, howdy, dear readers! Can you believe October is almost upon us? I’ve been checking under the couch cushions to try to figure out where most of September went, to be honest. But time, it does march on, doesn’t it? And somehow it’s now time for me to tell you what I’ve been up to this month! So, let’s proceed, shall we?

Still writing Ember of the Dragons. My original hope/goal was to have it done by the end of September. I might make it? It’s very possible, although it’s just as possible that the universe will see my plans, laugh, and start throwing wrenches. shrugs We shall see. Currently I have just over one chapter left to write and am sitting at 89,118 words. Maybe expect a post at some point next week with the final numbers and my thoughts on where the project landed, yeah?

Initially, I wanted to finish Ember this month so that I could take October to recover and dive into Nano prep. But readers, and let me tell you how weird it feels to say this, for the first time in over ten years…I’m not gonna write a novel in November. I’ve found a good pace with Ember that is (mostly) a lot less stressful, and I’ve been sticking to it. I want to just make that my regular writing plan going forward. I still love Nanowrimo, don’t get me wrong. It’s an amazing event that helps so many writers, and I may decide to do it again in the future. But for now? I think I’ve gotten what I need from it. I actually might take October off on the writing front entirely. But I might not. Next up I want to start revising last year’s Nano project to get it ready to share with y’all here on the blog. I’ve also got to work up a new RPG adventure for my friends (after I figure out with them when they’d like to do that again), and I want to dive into figuring out this solo-RPG campaign process to recap here on the blog. Plus, I need to figure out what my next novel will be. There’s always a next novel. I think that’s enough to be getting on with.

Also, in October I am going to a writers conference here in the area and I am more than a little nervous about that. Looking forward to it, but nervous. One, that’s not something I can do with my family, so it’s just me going and being around people and whatnot. Two, registration at the conference includes the opportunity to pitch to an agent. I don’t for one second think anything publish-wise will come from that–the odds aren’t great, and I’m being realistic–but it will be a very valuable experience and my first chance to really dip my toes into the “getting myself out there” waters. So very first writing priority for the next few weeks is figuring out my pitch and getting it down. Wish me luck.

On the gaming side of things, it’s pretty much been all Animal Crossing all the time. I haven’t even been doing Paradise Planning because I’ve been really working on my island renovation. That’s coming along well. I’ll move my final building today. I’ve done a chunk of the terraforming where I can, and once the last building’s in place I can finalize that. Then it’s just getting bridges and inclines where they need to go and cleaning/up decorating the rest of the space! It’s been a pretty nice project to work on. Hoping to have it mostly done before November (or at least done enough to be back at a 5 star rating) so I can still have a shot at those rare mushrooms once mushroom season arrives. I mean. I do not craft with them. I do not cook with them. But darn it, I need to have them, okay? This game definitely appeals to my collector tendencies, hah.

So, that brings us to yarncrafting! Which, you guessed it, brings us to gnomes! So many gnomes this month! Again! This time it was my September Year of Gnomes entry, my Grimblewood kit, AND another mystery knit along, times two. Because as per tradition, I make one for me and I make one for the kiddo. This probably wouldn’t have been that much knitting except this time, kiddo’s MKAL gnome was HUGE. You can see in the pictures below, where I include the teenager for scale. Aside from that, I took a few classes at DFW Fiber Fest this past weekend. Brushed up on double knitting (it’s magic!) and got some pointers on how to start a fun crafting journal (there’s a gnome one already in progress). There are also the two year-long blanket projects. Wound the yarn for them this weekend and am working on the first. That section will be done before Friday. The section on the second blanket is firmly in “we’ll see” territory.

Would you like to see my gnomes? Of course you would! I know why you’re really here! All pattern links are Ravely links.

First up we have my September Year of Gnomes entry, Gnutmeg from the ADVENTure Gnome pattern. I made a few modifications, mostly not using the stripes, but also turning the beard into hair and giving her a more witchy nose. [I also realized as I was loading photos that I forgot to take one of her with the sign so I’m gonna have to go fix that.]

Next we’ve got Gnyla (purple) and Gnorton (green) from this month’s Choose Your Gnome Adventure MKAL. The fun hook for this MKAL was that each part (hat, body, beard, nose, and arms) had multiple options AND the pattern was written in two different sizes for three different yarn weights. So my daughter chose the large bulky weight gnome and I went with medium worsted. Both were very fun to make, and I love them, but whoo, Gnyla was a lot of knitting!
See? HUGE!

Finally, we’ve got Gnormanda of Grimblewood, the September kit from Jimmy Beans Wool’s collaboration with Sara Schira. I don’t know how these Grimblewood gnomes keep getting cuter but they do! She’s so stinkin’ cute!

And there you have it, folks! That’s been my September! It was really busy but mostly good. I hope the latter applied to you as well, and if not, I hope that October is better. See you next time! Until then, take care!


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