October Updates

Howdy, there, folks! Somehow, we’re already rounding the bend on October and about to slide into November, and you know what that means! Another update post! Please. Do try to contain your excitment.

Anyhoo. So. What has Cori been up to? Short answer: too dang much. Y’all. I am so flipping tired. But. Things are pretty good actually!

On the writing front, I finished Ember of the Dragons last month as I hoped, then promptly tucked it into a (digital) drawer and went off to my very first writer’s conference. The agent pitch was…fine. I got some really good and useful feedback, which is helpful. I am also more convinced than ever that I am no good at selling myself. BUT. I did also get some really good information on how to do query letters and where to look for who I should be submitting those to. That’s good to know for the next time I screw up my courage! The sessions and panels at the conference were all fantastic and I did learn a lot. I was semi-social, talking to folks at meals and such. I met some very nice writer folks. All in all, it was a good experience. Might do it again next year. Might not. We’ll see.

I came home from the conference with all kinds of story ideas, of course. Well, more like hooks for stories and bits and pieces I know I want to incorporate. But then everything got super duper busy and I haven’t made time to sit down with any of them. I did squeeze in some time to start the first revision of last year’s Nanowrimo project. I’m just about done with that. It might need to sit again for a few weeks and then have at least one more pass before I share it with y’all. Given that we’re nearing the end of Blackbird Flies in our Thursday story installments, that means I need to sit down and figure out what story to share with you next! It’s on my calendar to do this week. Looking down the pipe, feels like the rest of this year will mostly be revisions and brainstorming for what’s to come in 2023.

In gaming news, my Animal Crossing island remodel continues apace. I’m more or less done with all of the terraforming. I just have paths to put back down. But first I need to move all of the dang bushes that are clustered around resident services since I couldn’t move them to the beach to get them out of the way. After bushes, flowers will get put in place. Then it’s paths, then decoration, then done! It’s very close. Really it’s just a matter of finding/making time to do it, because, as I said, so busy right now.

Which leads me to knitting, with a measly two finished projects to show for this month so far. Part of that is that this month’s Year of Gnome’s entry was a cabled pattern, Gnot Just Another Gnome (ravelry link). Cables are not hard, but they do slow me down. It’s all that purling. Do not like purling that much. One of these days I will master the art of knitting inside out and this will no longer be a problem. That day did not happen this month. I started out thinking I would make the little fella all orange, with green accents. I quickly realized I didn’t have nearly enough orange for that, so I picked out a darker green for the body. Then I got further on the hat and realized I might not have enough for even that, so I shortened it by one cable repeat. Other than that, I think he turned out really well! I am particularly proud of the little leaf and “stem” on top of his hat. So, say hello to Gnatty!

After Gnatty, my next project was a pair of Margarita Mix (ravelry link) socks for the Margarita Mix Shorties KAL hosted by Leading Men Fiber Arts. The KAL runs through the end of October, so I wanted to be sure to get those done. I used up the leftovers of three mini skeins from my Short Stack mitts and hat, and a good chunk of the full skein of variegated from that same project. I do think if I make these socks again (it was a pretty simple and quick pattern), I would plan to make them more matchy. I took the “mix” part of the pattern a little too seriously this time. It’s all good, though, as my daughter has claimed the final result for herself.

I am very nearly done with my Jimmy Beans Grimblewood gnome for this month (hopefully today, but there’s no guarantee). He is heckin’ cute, y’all. As per the usual with the Grimblewood gnomes. I may sneak a picture of him into next month’s post so you can see him. As far as my Staycation blankets go, I haven’t even wound the yarn for either yet. So it’s looking like those will not be finished on time this month. I’ve got a little holiday knitting to dive into next month, so they may wait until December for me to catch up, but we’ll have to see on that.

Other than that? Well, there was the conference. We also went to the State Fair, and the Judds concert (Wynonna did an AMAZING job honoring her mom’s memory–with a little help from Trisha Yearwood on some of the songs that just couldn’t be done solo–and put on am AMAZING show). My daughter is on the tech crew for the school play, and that opens tonight, so there’s been a lot of rearranging of the schedule for rehearsals and volunteering to sell tickets and whatnot. Also had two PTA meetings this month somehow, and lots of other stuff I’m sure I’m forgetting. Voted yesterday. (DON’T FORGET TO VOTE PLEASE, WHENEVER YOUR POLLS OPEN!!) Like I said, busy. But good.

Here’s hoping your October has also been good (and hopefully less busy, but if not, I feel ya). Be sure to take care of yourselves, and I’ll check in with you again in November.

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