Coming Up Next: Never Be the Same

Hey, there, folks! Are you ready for a new story? I hope so, because I am pleased to announce that, starting next Thursday, I’ll be posting my urban fantasy tale, Never Be the Same. This one was a lot of fun for me to write, and I very much hope that you enjoy it. Here is the synopsis:

Sierra thought she had a pretty decent life: a job that paid the bills, co-workers she (mostly) got along with, good friends, a loving family, and a night life as the bass player in a kickass band. If anyone had asked, she would have said she wasn’t looking for anything new. But no one asked. Certainly not the stray cat she found one night after a gig. He seemed so scared and in need of someone to look after him. Surely there couldn’t be any harm in taking him home. Getting a pet was no big deal…right?

While the story itself won’t start posting until next Thursday, I’ve got a special treat to share with you before then. This story was written for a Nanowrimo, and as part of my prep, I wrote small blurbs for each of the main characters, to get into their heads a bit. I thought it would be fun to share those with you. They will go up this Thursday and next Tuesday, and then the story will kick into gear.

So be sure to stop by this Thursday to meet some of the new characters and settle in for the next ride. Until then, take care!


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