Reading My Way Through 2022

Happy 2023, dear readers! I hope your year is off to a good start. Mine’s going all right so far, but today I want to look back at last year. In particular, I’d like to look back at the stories I consumed last year. I say consumed rather than read, because during the pandemic, I really started getting into audiobooks, and I feel like those stories count just as much as anything on my Kindle or my bookshelf.

Late in January of last year, I started keeping track of what I read/listened to. I had tried book journals before and always bounced off of them, but I stumbled across someone mentioning that they kept their book journal in a spreadsheet and it sparked a fire in me. I do love my spreadsheets. That, dear readers, was the solution I had been seeking for several years. Granted, the aforementioned person actually uses their spreadsheet as a journal, rather than a list, but it was still the jumping off point I needed.

Thus was born my reading log. It is just a log, rather than a journal, because I tend to bounce hard off of trying to record how something made me feel or why I liked or disliked it. I don’t know that I read anything I didn’t really like (I’ve pretty much adopted the practice of setting it aside if it’s not pulling me in). If a story really hits me, I’ll talk about it with people I think might appreciate it as well, or occasionally broadcast on social media that everyone should read or listen to this thing now, pretty please.

For 2022, here is what I recorded:

  • Title
  • Author(s)
  • Date Finished
  • Format
  • Series
  • Number in Series

Pretty simple, yeah? For me, the purpose of the log is just to be able to look back and see what I actually read last year (or listened to, as the case may be). I always feel like I never have time to read as much as I’d like. It’s nice to be able to see that, even so, I’ve got a lot of stories under my belt for the year.* It’s also interesting to me to see how I consumed any given work. I thought it might be fun to break things down by the numbers a little bit and share them with y’all.

In 2022 I read/listend to and logged 41 stories. I’ll emphasize that logging part because I didn’t start right at the beginning of the year and as the year went on, I slowly started adding formats that I was tracking. What formats did I land on, you ask? Look, I made you a nifty chart!

As you can see, my Kindle gets the bulk of my attention. Part of this is because it’s my default for traveling, which is when I do a lot of reading. Much easier to pack a device with multiple books on it than try to cram multiple physical books into a carry-on bag. For the most part, I also do tend to buy a lot of new books digitally rather than in physical form. If you could see our bookshelves, you’d understand. Physical books tend to be reserved for new books from authors I already follow. After that, they’re copies of books I read digitally and decided we needed hard copies of to keep in our library. There are the occasional impulse purchases when I wander into actual bookstores, and I often get books for gifts as well. But for the most part, new books come in digital form for me.

Audio books came in a surprising (to me) second. That tells me that realizing I could listen to books while at the gym or doing laundry or making dinner was a pretty smart move on my part.

Out of those 41 stories, 20 were part of a series. I do love my series. A few of them were singular entries into existing series, but a whopping 10 of them were from Terry Pratchett’s Discworld** and 6 were from Star Wars: The High Republic.

In all those stories, I only had three recurring authors. Terry Pratchett took the title for most, of course (see above), followed by two each for John Scalzi and Zoraida Cordova.

Looking over the list, those that stand out as my five favorite stories, in no particular order, were:

Overall, I’m pretty happy with all of the stories I managed to enjoy last year, and I’m looking forward to discovering even more this year! I’ve already got two books logged! I did change up my spreadsheet a little bit for 2023. So far, I’ve split each format into its own tab. I’m also thinking about adding a column to rate the story.

How about you, dear reader? Do you track what you read? Do you journal about it? Is there anything you’re looking forward to reading in this coming year?

However, and whatever, you read, may you find joy and peace in the practice in the coming year. Until next time, dear readers, take care!

*Please note, this doesn’t include any of the single issue comic books I read last year. Trying to log those would just be too much, I think. My weekly pull list is not insubstantial, y’all. Also, I am well aware that the number of comics I read is in direct competition with books, but everytime I try to cut back, it seems like ten new titles I must read get released. *shrugs*

**I have been reading along with Emmet Asher-Perrin’s most excellent Terry Pratchett Book Club on


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