Coming Up Next: Lighthouse Park

Gentle readers, the time has come for me to announce the next story I’ll be sharing with you! That story will be, drumroll please, Lighthouse Park! This is, in fact, the last story I wrote for National Novel Writing Month. I rather like this one–it’s a bit of an indulgence for me. Cozy ghost story with some romance and found family, not to mention a wonderful and supporting community and a dash of mystery in the mix.

I hope you enjoy reading this one even half as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Here’s the synopsis:

Winnie knew the deal she got on rent for the cottage was too good to be true, but she was desperate to leave her old life behind and not about to complain. When the strange occurrences that had driven out so many past occupants of the cottage start up, she heads to the library to do some investigating, finding more than she bargains for when this leads to her coming face to face with Silas, the ghost that haunts her cottage. With no memory of how he died or why he’s stuck between realms, Silas presents a mystery for Winnie to solve, and the perfect distraction from the life she left behind–or so she thinks.

Long-time readers may recal that when I was writing this, I shared some of the unofficial prologue pieces I wrote to get into the headspace of the three main characters. If you’d like to meet them before the story starts, you can find those pieces here:

Character Spotlight: Silas

Character Spotlight: Winnie

Character Spotlight: Jacob

First chapter will go up next Thursday. I hope you’ll stop by and check it out. Until then, take care!


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