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Stand Alone Short Stories

Winnie’s Wings
A young woman discovers something magical while taking a break from her work.

Cursed by a jealous rival, a woman must make her way through the world as it moves on from magic.

Winding Paths

Sneak Peek: Choices
Laren had been content to live a quiet life on the fringes of the noble society to which she belonged. When her father announced her pending marriage to a member of a powerful noble House, she knew those days of solitude were gone. But she never could have expected what happened next.

Sneak Peek: Not All Who Wander
It has been two cycles since Sebastian of Blades left Pelos, unwilling to be left behind by his dearest friend. But now that friend has made a life of her own, and she and her family are settling down for the next chapter of their lives. Sebastian knows he doesn’t belong there anymore, but he’s unsure where, exactly, he does belong. All that he does know is that it is time for him to return home to Pelos and the family he left behind. Perhaps there he can finally find what he has been looking for.

Simone’s Romance
A short story set during the events of Not All Who Wander.

Young Liam
A short story set in Pelos years after Choices and Not All Who Wander, checking in on the next generation.

The Emerald Idol
Far to the south of Pelos and Blossoms lies the island city of Selamarr, the most prosperous city in the nation of Selvayna. Nobles and high merchants rule Selamarr, and for a city guard like Leonie, they can certainly make life difficult. Tasked with retrieving an idol stolen from one of Selamarr’s founding families, Leonie finds herself repeatedly crossing paths with Jayce. It doesn’t take long to realize that Jayce is after information about the idol. Realizing she is in over her head, Leonie grudgingly agrees to work with him to reach their goal, getting far more than she ever could have bargained for in the process.

Sneak Peek: Living Legend
For over a thousand years, Cassandra Grey has lived with her fellow mages in isolation from the rest of Etrasia. In that time, humans have spread out over most of the continent, building their own nations and adapting to life without magic. They have adapted so well, in fact, that most humans no longer believe magic and mages to be anything but stories. But magic is not entirely gone from human lands, and there are a few who still know the truth of it. When a mission leads Cassandra into the human nation of Kassini, she finds herself dragged into mortal affairs once more. Even as she hunts down an ancient enemy, she must work to help Kassini avoid war with its neighboring nation of Viatalus. Because the stakes are higher than just Kassini and Viatalus. If she fails, it could spell disaster for all of Etrasia.

The Aviar and the Teamaker
Minnie’s routine is upturned with the arrival of an injured aviar at the back door of her tea shop one evening. Taking in the bird-like man and tending his wounds throws her on the side of the aviar–and against the side of her city’s magistrate–in a war she didn’t even know was brewing, sending her on an unexpected adventure and toward an entirely new life.

Blackbird Flies
One impulsive act sends a young princess spiraling down a path to a whole new life of adventure!

Never Be the Same
Sierra thought she had a pretty decent life: a job that paid the bills, co-workers she (mostly) got along with, good friends, a loving family, and a night life as the bass player in a kickass band. If anyone had asked, she would have said she wasn’t looking for anything new. But no one asked. Certainly not the stray cat she found one night after a gig. He seemed so scared and in need of someone to look after him. Surely there couldn’t be any harm in taking him home. Getting a pet was no big deal…right?

Lighthouse Park
Winnie knew the deal she got on rent for the cottage was too good to be true, but she was desperate to leave her old life behind and not about to complain. When the strange occurrences that had driven out so many past occupants of the cottage start up, she heads to the library to do some investigating, finding more than she bargains for when this leads to her coming face to face with Silas, the ghost that haunts her cottage. With no memory of how he died or why he’s stuck between realms, Silas presents a mystery for Winnie to solve, and the perfect distraction from the life she left behind–or so she thinks.

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