October Updates

Howdy, there, folks! Somehow, we're already rounding the bend on October and about to slide into November, and you know what that means! Another update post! Please. Do try to contain your excitment.Anyhoo. So. What has Cori been up to? Short answer: too dang much. Y'all. I am so flipping tired. But. Things are pretty … Continue reading October Updates


August Updates

Hello there, dear readers! Welcome to your monthly installment of "What has Cori been up to?"August has been a lot--largely back to school and birthday shenanigans (for several people), but I've been keeping up with my (personal) high-priority projects for the most part.On the writing front, Ember is still chugging along. As of today, I'm … Continue reading August Updates

Setting Out

Happy Thursday, dear readers! I hope you're safe and warm wherever today finds you. It's quite cold here, by Texas standards, so I'm hunkered down and trying to stay cozy.This makes now an excellent time to be setting out on my year-long blanket project. This year, I've actually got two in the planner--one official and … Continue reading Setting Out