Gnoreen’s Quest

Greetings, Adventurer! Here you’ll find the collected logs of Gnoreen Thisltefern, a gnome on an unexpected quest.

Not sure what this is about? Here’s the short version:

I am running a solo Dungeons & Dragons campaign with the help of The Solo Adventurer’s Toolbox by 5e Solo Gamebooks. This sourcebook allows me to generate a campaign on the fly using dice and a whole slew of tables, along with the Dungeons & Dragons Player’s Handbook, Monster Manual, any other 5e sourcebooks I care to use, and, of course, my own imagination.

At least once a month, after I’ve played a session, I will post Gnoreen’s journal entry recapping what went down. Posts will go up on Wednesdays.

I won’t be posting the game mechanics side of things here–that’s just for me having fun, really–but in case you’re wondering, here are a few details before you dive in.

Gnoreen is forest gnome from a small gnome settlement called Cloudsong. Cloudsong is located in Feathersong Forest, which is nestled within the lower Snowspike Mountains. Her squirrel companion Flippy accompanies her on her quest.

Gnoreen is a sorcerer, born with wild magic, although, for my own roleplaying fun, she doesn’t quite realize this yet.

Currently, she is at level 1.

Journal Entries

2-3 Summershine, 613th Ring

4 Summershine, 613th Ring